How to Handle Poshmark Cases and Returns


Many poshers have spoke about this subject at length. Poshmark Cases.

My first and only 3 were absolutely horrible!

The first case I was just so incensed because I gave the lady a great deal with a bundle of name brand clothing. She claimed damage to the item that did not have damage when I sent it. I had photos that showed the entire garment without any defects. I lost that case somehow? I realized this is very typical. I wish Poshmark allowed partial returns vs having to return the entire bundle.

My second case was completely my fault since I sent the wrong cardigan! I was more frustrated with myself and very quickly came up with a new inventory system.

My third case the posher claimed the heels were damaged and actually looked like she was trying to pull of the sole lol of course Poshmark sided with her, BUT she never returned my item so I followed up with Poshmark and received my earnings quickly.

Fortunately, another case has not been opened since. I did go through my inventory and thoroughly analyzed each item more carefully and documented EVERY SINGLE POTENTIAL FLAW. I also recheck the items before sending them out.

MY POINT. We can only control cases being opened to an extent. A few tips I have gathered that might be helpful to reduce the chances of a case is:

  1. Thoroughly inspect every single item inside and out (check for deodorant, discharge and period stains!)
  2. Make sure to use words that actually describe aspects of item (refrain from using terminology that deceives or misleads buyers)
  3. Note any missing or loose threads/buttons
  4. Reinspect each item before packaging; communicate with buyer if a defect is found before shipping. A few things could happen: cancellation, re-list for a lower price or they may still want the item as is.
  5. COMMUNICATE WITH BUYER. Follow up with them through the whole process. Thank you for your order. Your order has been dropped off at the post office. Your ordered has been delivered, I hope you enjoy your top. Thank you for your review. Thank you for the love not. YOU GET IT! Make it personal 🙂

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