Poshmark Bots | Should you use them?!

Have you heard of Mercari, Ebay or Poshmark bots?!

If you are tired of sharing your closet, sharing other posh closets, sharing to parties, sharing to social medias, sharing back other sharers’ listing, and following poshers raise your hand. **every serious seller on Poshmark just raised their hand** or did they….

Wondering how the really successful Poshmark Gurus made it… Well your not alone. Many of them use Poshmark bots to share, like, comment, follow and much more.

If you are serious about reselling you *will* come to a point where there’s more work than you have time, but you are not at a point where you can afford to hire a some help.

This is where a bot would come in handy. NOW before you go all negative nancy, judging and pointing fingers just take a chill pill. You clicked this for a reason…probably because you are the person in paragraph #2.

Bots ARE against Poshmark’s policy. They COULD get your closet shutdown. BUT it is not very likely due to the amount of high-volume sellers that use them.

Recently on a test account I created I signed up for a few bot services to test them. I would never try this on my own account since it provides a good chunk of my income.

I found a bot that was reliable, great client service, reasonable price and very easy to use.


I think it’s ridiculous that Poshmark bans them, but I’ve yet to here of any closets being shutdown recently from using these services.

Word of advice. use at your own risk. A safer option would be to hire a reasonable priced VA (virtual assistant) to share your closet. You can find them on FIVRR or Instagram!

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