Mini Tummy Tuck & Lipo Procedure | Honest Review


There was two events that led to my decision to get a mini tummy tuck and lipo. The first is when one day while taking a shower with my daughter she pinched my back and asked what happened to it! Oh the innocence of a child lol but I was mortified!

I tried working out and cleaned up my diet a little, but I seemed to keep gaining weight.

The next event was after a family vacation to the beach I was looking over our photos and was so disappointed to see I was the biggest I had ever been, including when I was pregnant.

Immediately after getting back from vacation I scheduled with the first clinic that would take me (big mistake) and that place was non other than the surgery mill Sono Bello in Bellevue.

Scheduling & Choosing

I scheduled my appointment and was able to see what I thought was going to be a doctor that same day at 3pm of 4pm. When I arrived 15 min before my scheduled consultation there was a lot of people in the waiting area. My scheduled appointment time came and went. 15 minutes more came and went. 30 min…. 45 min… and at an hour I had a migraine and was fed up.

Finally, I was called back by who I think is one of their sales managers. She was very polite and apologized for the wait. Yeah okay, whatever.

She had my lift my shirt and look in the mirror and show her the areas that I wanted fixed. After that she told me I was an idea candidate and whipped up the paperwork.

The sales woman pointed at the price and said that this was “todays” price and if I decide later it would be more. I personally think this should be illegal especially because they penalize you for cancelling or rescheduling.

Anyways, I was desperate and signed the paperwork and dropped the money aka Care Credit.

Mini Tummy Tuck & Lipo | Price

The price for 5 areas and a mini tummy tuck came up to about $10k!

Mini Tummy Tuck & Lipo | Pre-Op

I arrived on Thursday, day before my procedure, to finally meet the doctor for the first time.

Let’s just sit and think about that for second. Someone who is not a licensed doctor/plastic surgeon did my consultation and knew exactly what I needed, took my money and I wouldn’t be able to get it back all before meeting a real doctor.

Back to meeting the doctor. Dr. Sobrino had great bedside manor and ensured they could get all the fat and only a mini tummy tuck was needed. I left with instructions to pick up pain meds, antibiotics and special soap to clean my body with for the next day’s surgery.

I scheduled my consultation and was in surgery within a week!

Friday came and my appointment was early in the morning. I was taken to the pre-op room, weighed, had pictures taken, was given an IV port in my arm in case of an emergency and a set of pills that were supposed to relax me and put me at ease. I was not in the slightest bit nervous or freaking, so i’m not sure why this step was necessary.

Mini Tummy Tuck & Lipo | During the Procedure

Pain medication was administered to the spots where the cannula was going to enter in order to do the lipo. I had to cannulas for back bra roll, two for my lower back/sides region, and two where he did the stomach lipo. That pain medication burned like hell, but only lasted a few seconds each time.

I was awake for the entire procedure and the lipo was at times very uncomfortable. The mini tummy tuck was not at all painful!

Mini Tummy Tuck & Lipo | Post-Op

Once surgery was over I was put into a post-op body suit with a whole bunch of pads and wheeled out to my husband to make the hour trip home.

I slept majority of the next 2 days mainly due the pain medication. On the third day I managed to go to work at my desk job. No one knew I was getting surgery and I wasn’t about to let them find out, so I kept it together, walked slow and avoided my co-workers as much as possible.

Mini Tummy Tuck & Lipo | Pain

I felt like I got into a biking accident or combined a weeks worth of full-body intense workouts in one day. So sore!

The pain medication and/or ib profen/tylenol will get your through it. If you’ve birthed a child, you can do this easy peasy.

Mini Tummy Tuck & Lipo | Results

I was satisfied my first month knowing there was still some swelling.

The third month I expressed my concerns for the back bra roll area and loose skin on my stomach.

By month 6 saw I had considerable saggy skin above my belly button and a little bit below. I went to confirm my suspicions by seeking out two other doctors in the Seattle area. Both were happy to redo the procedure in another 6 month to allow more healing.

Of course this was not well received by the nurse who made it a point to say that of course the other doctors will fix it for more money.

I called the nurse and doctor out for saying that. They were insinuating the other professional, certified plastic surgeons of being unethical and doing unnecessary procedures for profit.

Of course they backpedaled major! The manager told me they can redo the lipo if I signed a gag clause! UP YOURS!

To top off the crainess I found out that my doctor actually killed one of his patients! Like WTF!

I decided there will be no more Sono Bello for me!

Long Term Side Effects

I still notice the saggy skin, hyperpigmented scars from where the cannulas entered, a fading tummy tuck scar and some areas where too much fat may have been removed.

Other than that, no long term side effects.

Would I Do It Again?

Yes and no.

Maybe if I was a bit more patient I would have waited for the right doctor and loved my results.

With my current experience, hell no! I was not very big in the first place and should have gone to my doctors to do a panel of tests to determine why I was gaining weight and I should have took advantage of having medical and visited a nutritionist.

Thank you so much for hearing my story! Checkout out other plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures that I have tried here.

Everything is learning experience, but I highly encourage you to do your research and be patient when deciding these life changing surgeries.