Microblading | Honest Review

image owned by Microblading Artistry

I first got my eyebrows microbladed on May 5, 2018 (happy 25th birthday to me!) I had been frustrated with my eyebrows for a while and there was no way I was going to draw them in everyday. Every time I tried I looked like Red on Angry Birds! I never thought I would ever, ever, ever tattoo my face, but microblading changed the game!

I found an amazing microblading artist in Renton, WA named Hien. He owns Microblading Artistry and was fairly new at the time, but had outstanding legit reviews on Facebook.

When I arrived it was so clean, peaceful and quiet. The room had a very calm, relaxing vibe. Laying down the chair felt like Heaven!

Hien made sure I was comfortable and explained in detail what to expect and how to communicate with him if anything hurt during the process.

First step he did was map out the brows and confirm with me that I was ready to move forward. He then took several pictures and had me sit up to make sure they eyebrows looked like twins, not distant cousins!

After that he numbed the brow area with a topical cream and went to work microblading the brows in.

The pain was minimal! Much easier to handle than a tattoo. When I started to feel discomfort he applied more numbing cream which made it bearable again.

Once Hien was finished he took several more photos and explained how to properly care for my new brows of the next several weeks. We also scheduled my complimentary touch-up for 4-6 weeks later.

Healing Process

Overall I am so so so happy that I did this. There is absolutely no downside that I experienced at all.

After microblading

In October of 2019 I went back to Hien to get a touch up and instead of getting microbalding done, I got the hybrid microbalding and powder brow. Gotta stay current with the trends!

image owned by Microblading Artistry
After hybrid microblading-powder brow

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this brow. It looks so bomb and I am just over the top pleased with his work again.

If you want amazing brows checkout Hien’s work on his instagram here and reach out to him! Let him know Ebonie sent you.

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