Living With PCOS


Part of my life is living with PCOS. I discovered this in October 2018 about the same time my doctor found Cervical Cancer.

I originally went to my GYN to find out why the heck I was gaining so much weight, why I was feeling an almost unbearable amount of pain during ovulation and my periods, why sex hurt, why I was bleeding between periods and oh yeah..where the heck was my period half the time?!

I track my ovulation, periods, sex and symptoms with an app and was able to show my doc actual data that I went from 30-31 day cycles to missing my cycle for 78 days. I thought I was pregnant. We were so excited, but the tests kept coming back negative and it was absolutely devastating.

Never have I ever had a weight issue. I could eat whatever I wanted and not gain weight. I was always very fit and more on the slender side thanks to a lifetime of sports. But all of a sudden I go from 105 lbs to 155lbs AFTER already having children.

After my annual women’s health checkup first came the Cervical Cancer diagnosis and that was my doctor’s primary concern. Selfishly, I just wanted to stop gaining weight and wasn’t too pleased to find out that that wasn’t his priority.

Fast forward a couple months to after cancer treatment and a few blood tests later my doctor concluded I had PCOS and that the best way of tackling the weight gain is to begin exercising and sticking to a better diet. I was given medroxyprogesterone aka Provera to start my menstrual cycle that was very late…again. Dear god, it came with a vengeance. After my period started I began taking clomid days 5-9 to help with ovulation with the hopes I could conceive baby #3. On day 18 or 19 I would take progesterone to help build up the tissue on the uterine wall. I wasn’t able to get pregnant for the four months of taking medication, but my cycle was regular!

With my first two babies I got pregnant on the first try and I never experienced any major complications during pregnancy or delivery. I try not to be too upset when I get negative pregnancy tests because I already have two beautiful and healthy children when I know many women can’t even have just one. But having another child is still on my mind and my main motivation for getting more healthy.

It has taken a whole year for me to realize my doctor was right. I need to start exercising again and overhaul my diet in a major way. Goodbye frozen chimichangas and mozzarella sticks.

It won’t be easy, but it’ll be worth it. Follow me on my PCOS diet/fitness/fertility journey! Youtube PCOS diet & fitness channel to come…

With all my love..Until next time beautiful!


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