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I added myself the wait list of List Perfectly Wednesday October 9th, 2019 after seeing a well known reseller tag them in her Instagram post. Anything that cuts down time on posting and cross-listing is worth my time to look into. I received an email shortly after confirming I had been added to the wait list and it would be 5-10 days (see below).

List Perfectly Confirmation Email

I began exploring more of their website and was happy about their price transparency! The price for each level Simple, Business, Pro are $29, $49 and $69, respectively. I thought this was very reasonable!

I read on their website that you have a 3 day “free” trial. The catch…they charge you immediately, but if ultimately it’s not for you then they’ll send you a refund. That’s not a deal breaker, but I found it odd that they charge immediately.

Another area that stood out to me is the affiliate program. You must be signed up (makes sense, right?) and can earn a commission on referrals. Because I ultimately decided to continue using this program please signup using this link right here. Don’t forget to apply code LP30 to get 30% off your first month’s membership before submitting payment so you do miss out!

I finally received my signup invite this evening 10/15/19. I appreciate that List Perfectly stayed within the 10 day max wait time! A business’s word is everything to me.

Setup was a piece of cake and very thorough. I filled out the information on my phone then typed the Google extension download link onto my iMac (late 2015). It popped right up and installed without issue. I’m finishing up posting my last pallet of inventory then I will cross list to Mercari and Ebay.

10/18 I finally have had the privilege of trying out List Perfectly (Pro Version) and will definitely continue to use it!

Ultimately I was able to cross-list about 150 items a day which is ridiculous for me. I can barely get through 20 items before being either bored out of my mind or mentally exhausted.

Here are some pro’s and con’s I noted while using List Perfectly:


  • Does not auto fill size
  • Need to watch for incomplete titles especially on Mercari if posting from Poshmark
  • Unable to get size, category and zip to auto fill in Mercari


  • So much less time not having to upload pictures and adjusting them to each platform!
  • Overall easy to use
  • reduced my cross-listing time which allows me to post/share/relax more

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