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A rough cost for my treatment was $5700. Everyone’s treatment is different and mine happened to be a fairly difficult one. I believe my orthodontist said that is was an 8/10 or 9/10 score for difficulty. Story of my life lol

Thankfully my insurance covered $2500 and Dr. Lasley gave me a $500 discount because I had previously gone through extensive ortho treatment prior. And because he’s just plain awesome!


I am currently 22 months into my Invisalign treatment and about to start another round. This does not bother me at all! I’m not sitting here waiting and tapping the clock wondering when this process is going to end. Having braces again was definitely a choice and I want perfection which is exactly what Dr. Lasley is achieving.

I do ask every other treatment where we are at in the process, because having holes in the front of your mouth sucks a little AND I’m going to forking out about $10k for the implants and about $14k+ for porcelain veneers on six of my top teeth.


Lucky me I have had attachment on all but 2-3 teeth. If you don’t know, that is a lot!

If you are not familiar with button/attachments when it comes to Invisalign they are little, tooth-colored dots made of composite filling material that are bonded to the teeth to help the Invisalign aligners move the teeth.

The attachments are different sizes and shapes which gives them the ability to move teeth in all different directions. Ask your orthodontist, they’ll know all the technical jargon 🙂 or at least they should.


I had band for Invisalign for very brief period of time. Bands are used mainly to fit your upper and lower teeth in proper position when the teeth are being shifted.

I’m sure there are other reasons for bands. Don’t be afraid to ask your ortho!

The band I wore attached to the aligner themselves. On a certain tooth the aligner had a hook where I would attach the band and stretch it to another hook on the lower tooth with a hook.

They are kind of pain in the butt to deal with, but you get over it.


So I had traditional braces for a long, long time while in high school and shortly after graduation. When I got pregnant I couldn’t stand one more day of having braces in my mouth so I had my orthodontist at the time take the braces off. To top it off I decided not to wear my retainer which meant my teeth shifted a lot. WASTE.OF.TIME.

I only have ONE pro for braces over Invisalign. You can’t lose the braces. That’s it lol only one. With braces the metal attachments rub and cause all types of damage in your mouth that hurts for a few weeks. No eating certain types of food for however long your treatment is. Going into the office EVERY.SINGLE.MONTH to get the braces tightened. The discomfort after the braces get tightened.. The list can go on!

Invisalign on the other hand… The attachments (if you get any) are painless. You can eat whatever you want. The aligners are very discreet (adult approved). I go into the ortho every 3-4 months for 15-20 min. There is no discomfort between changing aligners at all (for me at least).

Go Platinum.. I don’t mean change your hair!

If you come across an orthodontist that says your case is too difficult for Invisalign I suggest you move on! and play Thank U, Next on the way to a Platinum Invisalign Provider.

Platinum Invisalign Provider Plaque


(coming soon in Summer 2020!)

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