I Tried the Kylie Jenner Butt Injections | Honest Review


I decided to try the Kylie Jenner Butt Injections to “fix” my hip dips. I’ve always wanted fuller hip and though they would magically appear after my first child. They didn’t. So maybe my second child…NOPE!

Seeing all the curvy girls on Instagram , it got the best of me. I found a local doctor that would perform the Sculptra injections to fill in the space where I have very deep hip dips.

What I liked about the doctor I selected was his prices are upfront on his website. No need to call or get a consultation to discuss prices just get a huge sticker shock. On a downside, this office required a $100 deposit that is applied to the balance of the procedure.

I scheduled to work at one of my offices conveniently across the street from the doctor’s office. I finished work a few hours earlier than my appointment time so I was going to checkout the Bellevue Mall when I got a call to come in early do to a surgery cancellation.



The front office staff was very friendly when I arrived, but doctor seemed kind of rude to be honest. I was told I needed to get 10 vials of sculptra (5 in each hip) which was a lot more than I thought I would need aka much higher price, BUT there was no high pressure unlike Sono Bello (check out my Mini Tummy Tuck Review).

I agreed to his suggestions and had to use multiple payment methods to cover the entire procedure since the extra amount came as a surprise. This turned to be an issue later because they wanted me to come back and sign paperwork they forgot to have me sign. I get frustrated with things like this.



During the Procedure

During Injections

I allowed the doctor to document the injections on snapchat in exchange he gave me an extra treatment of “daver fat, pig stem cells combined with a minimum of 10 vials of FDA-approved artificial fillers, and human growth factors with stem cells from the patient’s own plasma” to improve results.

The nurse first drew blood for the extra treatment and then applied numbing cream on where the doctor marked.

It wasn’t terribly painful when the doctor began his injections. The injections also contained a numbing agent which probably helped to some extent.


I left with a bunch of pet pee-pee pads and maxi pads on my sides since there was PLENTY of leaking. Keep these on/change them for the first 24 hours at least!


Again the pain while getting the injections was bearable. Sometimes when he injected deeper I definitely felt uncomfortable, but nothing like i was going to cry or needed to stop the injections.

AFTER the injections my hip area felt extremely tender and for the following week it was borderline unbearable.

Results | Long Term & Short Term

This procedure did NOT work for me. Once the swelling went down within a week, the whole luscious hips thing went away for good. No growth occurred weeks or months later at all. HUGE waste of money IMHO.

Would I Do It Again?

I would definitely NEVER EVER EVER do Kylie Jenner Butt Injections. THEY DO NOT WORK. For longer lasting, consistent results I would definitely consider implants instead.

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