How to Respond to Difficult Buyers


Low-ballers: You have four options: accept, reject, counter-offer, ignore. There is really no need to get upset or goodness forbid talk shit on social media platforms about these buyers. How exactly are they doing any harm to you by just asking? They are not. Next time a buyer “low-balls” make a choice and MOVE ON! You can always block them, but that is really just silly in my opinion.

Thousands of questions: I’m guilty of not answer every question and this is something I am trying to work on. Yes, there are some poshers that will ask a million and one questions just to ghost. There is also some very serious shoppers that don’t want to waste their money buying an item that doesn’t meet their expectations. Can you you really fault them for this? Poshmark is not like Amazon or typical retail store where you can return the item if it doesn’t fit or meet expectations.

Abundant likers: Send an offer an move on. Some of these people are using bots in order to gain attention to their closets or maybe they just like that many items in your closet. Either way sending an offer doesn’t hurt!

Spammers: I block these Posh Closets. You can report these closets to Poshmark (most likely nothing will happen) and you can also block them.

Aggressive negotiators: Like the first point above, you can accept, reject, counter or ignore.

Reasonable Offers: Dear God do not get greedy! Don’t be that person who posts “looking back on all the reasonable offers” on their Insta. If its a decent offer and you are making a profit or you just want it out of your inventory, just accept!

Counter offers that make YOU more money: wait what? Yeah. So here’s an example: You send an offer to a buyer for $26 & free shipping! You make just shy of $14. The buyer counters with $24 and THEY pay shipping. You make just over $19. It is what it is and it happens lol