How to Increase Your Sales on Poshmark


Here are a few ways that I have found successful in increasing my Poshmark sales.

  1. List. List. List!
  2. Quality Listings
  3. Price
  4. Follow. Follow. Follow!
  5. Share your own closet
  6. Share other closets
  7. Offer to likers
  8. Cross-list to multiple platforms

List. List. List!

Having more listings will increase your chances of more buyers finding your closet. Other poshers will be sharing your closet giving you more exposure to even more potential buyers.

Quality Listings

Listing need to have good enough quality. What I mean is your photos should be well lit and show any/all damage. The description should highlight the details of the items and include measurements, material, and state any damage. Ensure an accurate description making sure not to make any misrepresentation of the item lest you catch a case and/or a bad review.


Pricing your item is very important. We all know what its like to see a beautiful item that is not worth the price that is being asked. So either we wait for the item to be lowered (likers), find the item for cheaper elsewhere, or move on to another item more reasonable priced. None of these options results in a sale. Price your item fairly leaving a little room for negotiation. A good guideline is to sell your New With Tags (NWT) items for 40-50% off retail and your other items at least 60% off retail. Remember that when selling on Poshmark, the buyer usually pays for shipping and the company also takes 20% of your sales.

Follow. Follow. Follow!

Follow as many people as you can. Seriously! The more people you follow the more people will follow you. The more people that follow you the more likely you’ll find someone interested in your items or they will share your item to however many followers they have. Basically more exposure!

Here’s how I do it in the Poshmark app.

Go to “Find People” and follow others by “My Brands”

Go to “New People” and follow all “Fresh Closets”

Searching for items like yours ( same brand, item style, size, etc.) and following the likers and commenters on those posts

Last, but not least I follow all the Posh Ambassadors that show up on the “Find People” tab

Share your own closet

Sharing your own closet keeps your items at the top of the “just shared” feed when buyers are searching for items. Also, when you share your items they show up in your followers feed where they can share your item to their followers

Share other closets

Sharing other closets will result in them sharing your closet back as favor. Not always, but more often then not. More exposure means more chance of sales!

Offer to likers

Oh don’t get me started. I love this feature. I make many weekly sales with this wonderful button! Check out my blog here about offer to likers.

Cross-list to multiple platforms

I use Poshmark, Ebay, Mercari, Depop, Tradesy, Offerup and Letgo. This is my full-time job and that means I need to put a lot into this to ensure I bring home the bacon and can justify not going back to crunching numbers or eating 20 chicken nuggets a shift while working the cash register (loved this job, really).

You don’t have to use all these platforms, but I would HIGHLY suggest Poshmark, Ebay and Mercari!

Be a Memorable Seller!

A few suggestions I have tried and still do

  • Answer questions…well at least the reasonable ones
  • Send a “thank you for your order, it has been dropped off at the PO” comment on sold items
  • Check on sold items that are delayed and communicate with buyer and Poshmark
  • Send a “I hope you enjoy your item, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns” —-> may prevent a case or bad review
  • Send a “Thank you so much for your review and/or love note, your opinion is highly valued” or “I apologize you are not happy with your item”

Social Media

Create a dedicated reselling Instagram/Facebook profile. This goes along with the theme MORE EXPOSURE. Also, so many tips are post on social media platforms that have been so beneficial. Not to mention the love, community, support and motivation! Lord knows that reselling isn’t always easy and motivation is needed now and then.

I really hope this post helps you increase your sales! Feel free to comment below any ways that have helped you increase sales.

Until next time beautiful!


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