Reselling Inventory | Sorting, Packaging and Storing


I usually source one of two ways:

  1. Wholesale/Liquidations
  2. Offerup

If I go the pallet route I download the manifest (list of items that will be sent) if available. I use the manifest to reconcile my inventory when it arrives. This usually has to be done within 10 days for most of my supplier in order to dispute any issues. More on that in another post!

Hopefully within a year I can hire a bit of help aka pay my daughter who says that in order for her to agree to work for me regularly she gets to be the boss (haha!) When that happens I wanted to have written procedures so that any person can jump right in and help!

The steps below I strictly adhere to and have documented in paper and electronic form…located in my Reselling Binder/Folder..with all my receipts and sales reports. NOT TODAY IRS! As an auditor in my past life, its embedded in my head how procedures help detect/prevent/mitigate fraud, negligent mistakes and encourage looking for opportunities to increase efficiency.

Steps from incoming shipment to selling:

  1. Remove apparel from boxes and inspect for defects (stains, rips, missing button, etc.)
  2. Sort by “ready to sale” or “defective” or “no tagged” items
  3. For ready to sale items I place them in a zip-loc bag with tags facing up for easier barcode scanning, defective goes into the defective box to be worked on in my down time, and no tagged items go into a separate box to be photographed
  4. Either I or my daughter will affix an inventory number label on the zip-loc bag (she at least agrees to this in exchange for commission)
  5. I locate the item in the excel manifest and mark it as received
  6. The inventory and the tote number are recorded in a column on the excel sheet
  7. I post the item to Poshmark and at some point cross-list using List Perfectly (check out my review here) to Ebay and Mercari
  8. The item is then placed into a 27 gal tote and stored away until sold or inventory verification

Once a sale is made I keep the item in the zip-loc bag and place it in a box or polymailer to ensure a damage-free shipment <3


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