How To Make More Sales On Poshmark | Offers To Likers Feature (OTLs)


What are offers to likers?

Offers to likers aka OTLs are just as they sound. An item usually priced at $20 is reduced to $18 (or whatever you choose). Poshmark require a “shipping discount” of either $1.80 (buyer pays $4.99) or $6.79 (free shipping) which comes out of your profit. This offer is then sent to buyers that have liked/watched your listing.

What I like about this feature is that you do not have to reduce your price and then go back and increase it which really screws up Poshmark OTLs later. Offers expire in 24 hours or 48 hours automatically for Poshmark and Ebay respectively.

When should I send offers?

ANYTIME! But, I usually send OTLs on Thursdays because many people get paid on Fridays. On Thursday night about between 4 and 6pm PST I send out OTLs for ALL of my listings with likers. Yes for some people that could mean a lot of work. I currently have 487 active listings and most have likers.

Recently I decided to time myself, count number of offers I sent, record the number of declines and accepted offers, and calculate my PROFIT. Heres what I came up with this time:

  • 416 OTLs
  • It took 36 min
  • 32 declines
  • 1 counter offer
  • 7 sales
  • $166 profit

This means that 2% (rounded) of my offers were accepted/countered. For 36 min of work I’ll take it!

I’ve read many sellers say that they don’t like this feature or that it isn’t worth their time. To each their own, but any time I can earn $166 in 36 min wearing my husband’s sweats, no bra, no makeup and hair looking like Chucky off Rugrats all from the comfort of my couch and cell phone. I’m down!

These are my results with a 10% discount on already amazing prices and $4.99 shipping. Each week is different. I’ve had more sales than this example and I’ve had no sales. It’s business.

Until next time beautiful…


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