Typical Day In The Life Of A Reseller (at least this one)

I wake when my eyes open and usually without an alarm. I don’t have to report to a job at any particular time because I’m the boss. I love aspect of reselling. If I wake up late, I work late. On the other hand, if I wake up early, I wrap up early.

I homeschool my children and allow them to wake up when they are fully rested which the times vary greatly. I’m grateful for this because a child needs a lot of rest they simply could not get if they attend public school.

If I wake up before my children I tip-toe and try to be as quiet as possible. I have no idea why I even try because either one of two things happens:

  1. Carmello (10 y/o Jack Russell) starts to whine immediately to be let out and fed which causes Batman (4 y/o Doberman) to shake in his crate violently causing the most amount of rucus. This causes Robyn (2 y/o Doberman) to start hopping around like a bunny in her crate or start digging at the floor.
  2. Batman shakes, Carmello whines, Robyn acts like an animal other than the dog she is

This usually results in me repeatedly telling them shut their faces before they wake up the kids too early and glare at them in the most menacing evil way. I am not the nicest person in the morning before a large cup of coffee or two…

After the pups are squared away the kids are up and chirping “hungry,milk,morning show” Once they are squared away I begin homeschooling either Azzy or Ami depending on the day.

Mid-homeschooling my hubby comes home from work and the kids act like wild animals, start to fight and proceed to act as if there was no peace and harmony moments before.

I finish up homeschooling and spend some time with the fam before I start working on reselling tasks.

The moment I start working the family knows I’m not available for at least a few hours. This doesn’t stop them from repeatedly asking for me to join in on a game of tag or Candy Land. I always end up feeling bad about saying no because I know one day my kids won’t ask for these things anymore, especially if I always say no.

Boundaries are important to communicate with you partners and children when working-from-home. They sometimes assume because they can see you that you are available. Friendly remind them that the more that you are interrupted, the longer you will have to be occupied to whatever task it is that you are doing. This may or may not work, but it’s worth a shot.

I tire of work pretty quickly and either start blogging to wind down or reading. I find my stress levels have greatly reduced since picking up reading again.

After winding down I begin piano lessons with my daughter using the Faber Piano Adventures. Such an easy to follow in-depth piano lesson program!

The evening consists of family time which can be working out at the gym, games, a movie or outdoor activities.

Before bed my husband, daughter and I are currently reading The Ultimate Girls’ Body Book. Such an amazing resource written by Christian Doctors and vetted by many professionals about what a young girl can expect during puberty and how it God designed. Really amazing. I wish I understood this perspective to love myself and to know everything we go through has a purpose including puberty lol

My hubby then reads the Bible with each of the kids individually. Both kids really enjoy this time with their father and both make sure it happens before he retires for the night.

After all is said and done I either work a few more hours or blog!

I’m a creature of habit and rarely like to disrupt my routine unless I know ahead of time. Still life has a sense of humor and reminds me I can only control so much 🙂