What I Started With (Reselling Starter Kit)


In order to make money reselling you need to post something, right? You can start with clothing from your closet, thrift stores, Goodwill “bins”, source from platforms like OfferUp/LetGo/Poshmark/Mercari and such, or Wholesalers/Liquidators (with or without a business license).


A newer smart phone will work just fine to be honest! If you insist on having an more profession camera go for it! I have read of people using their tablets, iPod touches or “burner phones”. Doesn’t hurt to try what you already have to save money.

Lighting Kit

Neewer Lighting Kit

Good lighting is truly important. It appears more professional and really highlights the detail of the clothing. Dim lighting don’t appeal much and may turn off buyers. I highly suggest natural light whenever possible, but if you don’t have enough light then get yourself a lighting kit.

Storage (totes vs racks)

27 gallon Totes
Clothing Rack

Really consider the pros and cons for yourself whether you should use totes/bins or racks. I started with racks and I loved how easy it was to find my clothing, but as my inventory grew I needed more racks. Racks take up a significant amount of space compared to totes. Space I just don’t have. Totes can be stacked or you can splurge on some shelves to put them on. At the moment I use the tote and shelves system and am finding it to be very convenient, cost effective and efficient.

Poly Wraps (if using totes)

Poly Bags w/ Suffocation Warning

I poly wrap all my products for a few reasons.

#1 Moister Blocking – I live in the Seattle area and it is rains more than enough. My items are stored between a few storage units and a personal detached garage. I do not want any moister on the clothes and causing mildew or mold to develop and ruin my inventory.

#2 Insects/moths – My items are air tight sealed so no insects are destroying my clothing. NOT TODAY SATAN! Even in totes bugs can slip in and build nests or webs. Gross!

#3 Dust – sealed bag = no dust buildup

#4 Smell – I do not want my clothes smelling like this morning breakfast, my personal perfume or any outside smells that may be offensive to buyers

#5 I put inventory numbers labels (see below) on each bag to help increase my accuracy when sending out orders. Many times my order contain pieces that look very similar or multiple of the same items in various sizes. I obsess about accuracy so this extra step really helps. I once sent the wrong cardigan that looked similar to another and thank goodness the buyer was super understanding, but never again!

Inventory Labels

Consecutive Inventory Labels

As mentioned above the inventory labels help me increase my order shipping accuracy 🙂


SSWbasics (their name on Amazon)/Store Supply Warehouse is a very reliable company to buy business products from. SSW has a great product selection on their website such as different types of mannequins, tagging guns, z-racks and everything needed to open an actual retail store front! In my experience they are significantly cheaper than anywhere I have found for new items. Their Amazon store is a bit limited so check out their website storesupply.com.

Printer & Paper -or- Dymo 4xl Label Printer

When you get your first order (yay!) you’ll need to print a label. I started off with printing the label on a regular printer then taping it to the box. I quickly realized how long that took and began printing and stuffing the label in a Customs Documents Pouch. I then upgraded to printing and sticking the label in a USPS customs pouch. NOW I use a Dymo 4xl Label Printer. The Dymo labels are garbage and overpriced. Order the Amazon version for extra labels, trust. *Disclaimer* using labels other than DYMO brand voids the warranty (pff, bye!). The cost of the the DYMO labels would pay for a brand new machine.

FREE USPS Supplies

You may see resellers use cute polymailers that can be purchased on Etsy, Amazon or various sites. Some resellers even have personal branded boxes or polymailers. Again, awesome! Maybe when I make more money. Until then I prefer to use the FREE USPS supplies. Click HERE to get free boxes and polymailers. It takes a week or two to process, ship and arrive. In the meantime you can stop by your local post office to pickup a few to get you by.

USPS Pick Up Service

No longer leave your house!!! My USPS mail man/woman arrives roughly around 11am. Therefore I get my overnight items and any items ordered before 10:30am out and scanned when they pickup my items. Why does this matter? Scan time effects your ‘Days to Ship’ metric found in the ‘My Posh Stats’ area. Any items ordered between 10:31 and 3:45pm get packaged and driven to my local post office at 4:30pm. I know..doing too much, but hey, I’m committed!

Ring Light

Neewer Ring Light

I got the ring light because it provides a straight on light when I photograph my items. Also, one day I will VLOG or do something else of that sort on YouTube so I figured the ring light will come in handy later as well.

Because I have obtained a business license all of these items can be written off/amortized on my taxes. With that said, If you decide to run reselling as a business then you should get organized with a program like Quickbooks. As an auditor in my past life, KEEP YOUR BUSINESS FINANCES IN ORDER! SAVE ALL RECEIPTS! CONSULT AN ACCOUNTANT!

If you started with other items not listed or use a different method comment down below! Until next time loves ❤